Resol Monitoring

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Resol Monitoring

DeltaSol BX

The DeltaSol BX is equipped with four relay outputs as well as two PWM outputs for the speed control of energy-saving high-efficiency pumps. Additionally, the controller is equipped with five Pt1000 sensor inputs, two analog Grundfos sensor inputs, an impulse input as well as a supplement L'-output for the connection of an actuator. 

The integrated SD memory card slot enables an easy datalogging to an SD memory card as well as a quick and effortless transfer of logged system data to a PC. The extra-large display vouches for a precise visualization of the system status. Pre-defined functions allow easier parametrization of the system; functional additions such as a drainback option broaden the range of applications. Of course, the DeltaSol BX is also equipped with a RESOL VBus.

RESOL Datalogger DL2 

The RESOL Datalogger DL2 can be used to acquire, store and transmit data over the internet from other Resol devices through the Resol Vbus.net internet portal. The DL2 Datalogger is suitable for any Resol controller equipped with Vbus

RESOL Datalogger DL3

The RESOL Datalogger DL3 has 6 vbus connections, which allow a DL3 to log data from up to 6 different RESOL controllers simultaneously. Custom data views and six different schematic diagrams can be uploaded and presented online. Remote access and communication with BACNet system provide optimal solutions in monitoring system performance and compatibility of existing BMS. All data can be transfered by a USB memory stick, a SD card or a LAN cable or downloaded online. 

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