Solar Hot Water Controls & Monitoring Systems

Solar Hot Water Controller 

SunEarth has partnered with Steca GmbH, a prime manufacturer of solar control electronics, to provide the U.S. market with the next generation of advanced differential controls. 

SunEarth controls are distinguished by their technical sophistication, functionality, simplicity and competitive pricing.

All SunEarth controls are listed by ETL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

SunEarth controls are menu-driven and include a large LCD that provides the homeowner or commercial user with a variety of real-time information about system operation and performance.

SunEarth Controls 

Solar Energy Monitoring System

Solar heating systems create a tremendous amount of energy and are an investment in future energy, allowing owners to save a significant portion of their heating costs over long periods of time.

Monitoring and recording of the system's parameters and operation is critical and the most cost-effective way to ensure maximum performance over the life of the system.

Benefits & Functionality of our Monitoring System:

  • Web based devices such as those offered by SunEarth give system owners many advantages for maintaining their investment.
  • Helps owners understand how their system is working, providing additional confidence in solar heating systems.
  • Historical data outlines how the system has operated over its entire life.
  • Installer/service personnel can observe system operation and manage maintenance remotely.
  • Instantaneous web monitoring allows the service provider to detect and diagnose small problems before they become larger.
  • May be used to receive REC’s, rebates, and incentives which may cover cost of monitoring

SunEarth Monitoring System

Smart Solar Hot Water Monitoring

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