Placentia Veterans Village, Placentia, California

Placentia Veterans Village, Placentia, California

Multi Family Commercial Solar Water Heating

Title 24 Compliant

Hot water may be free to tenants, but landlords and facility managers know that every bath, shower, as well as load of dishes done, and laundry washed counts towards their ever-increasing utility bill. Multi-family commercial solar water heating units can offset up to 70% of their annual water heating expenses with efficient solar thermal products designed and engineered by SunEarth.


The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are created to guarantee new and current buildings lend themselves to energy efficiency and preserve overall environmental excellence. These measures (Title  24,  Part  6) can be found in the California Code of Regulations. The California Energy Commission is responsible for approving, executing and apprising building energy efficiency. Local city and county enforcement agencies have the ability to verify agreement with applicable building codes, including energy efficiency.

(Learn More on the CEC Title 24 website) 


Solar Hot Water plays a large role in helping buildings exceed California’s Title 24 regulations.  Given our history  in  California,  SunEarth  has  been  a  great  partner  assisting  developers  meet  and  exceed  Title  24 standards by manufacturing the most certified hot water products in the industry. The right product for the  right  application  critical  for  the  vast  diversity  of  building  occupancy  throughout  the  state  of California.


Water heating energy use applies a  significant portion of total energy use for residential/occupied buildings.  In California’s mildest weather systems water heating energy use may total the collective energy needed for space cooling and heating.  A solar water heating system can contribute up to  80% of the energy needed for local water heating  (contingent on the design of the system).  The role of an apartment complex solar water heater can  be  claimed  as  credit  toward agreement with the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards and also for qualification for the New Solar  Homes  Partnership  or  other  incentives  programs  that  require  specified  savings  beyond  the standards.

(Information Source: GoSolar California)

Featured Projects

North Santa Fe Apartments

LEED Platinum

A LEED Platinum project, the North Santa Fe Apartments is an affordable rental community by the nationally recognized non-profit developer, Community Housing Works. Designed and Installed by Adroit Energy of San Diego, CA, a solar hot water system comprised of (8) SunEarth EP-40 Flat Plate Collectors will supply the hot water load for the demands of the project. The system also includes a photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof that will offset at least 50% of the common area load. The 68-unit development performs 40% above the California Energy Code Title 24 standards.

To learn more about this project, view the case study


Alila Marea Resort

alaska village housing

Featuring 20 SunEarth TRB-40 Collectors, Alila Marea Resort reminds us that solar alternatives are cost-competitive forms of energy production for any end-user  — whether a homeowner, business owner or resort!

To learn more about this project, view the case study


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