Case Study: Sustainable Housing at Placentia Veterans Village


The Placentia Veterans Village in Placentia, California, sets an inspiring example of addressing the housing needs of low-income veterans. In January 2020, California Solar Integrators, Inc., operating as Cal Solar, played a pivotal role in enhancing the village's sustainability by installing eight SunEarth Thermoray (TRB-40) Flat Plate Collectors. This case study explores how this innovative development provides a safe haven for homeless and disabled military veterans, highlighting the significance of solar thermal technology in serving the community's housing requirements.

Project Overview:

Empowering Veterans through Sustainable Housing:

The City of Placentia collaborated with the County of Orange, Mercy Housing California, and New Directions to initiate the Placentia Veterans Village. This development is dedicated to offering permanent supportive housing for homeless or disabled military veterans, addressing a pressing issue that affects a considerable number of veterans in Orange County, California.

With nearly 2 million veterans residing in California, including approximately 137,000 in Orange County, the project aims to support veterans experiencing homelessness, unemployment, and housing insecurity. The 3.65-acre unimproved site has been transformed into a thriving community, providing 50 furnished apartment homes (49 for veterans and 1 for on-site management).

Commitment to Sustainability:

The Placentia Veterans Village represents an eco-conscious, state-of-the-art development that prioritizes sustainability. Achieving LEED Gold certification, the project incorporates energy-efficient design principles, building materials, and appliances. It features a courtyard, community garden, recreation room, computer facilities, and resident services offices, enriching the lives of its veteran residents while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Multiple Funding Sources:

The project's financing is a testament to its collaborative approach. Funding comes from various sources, including a federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, California Proposition 41, a conventional mortgage supported by a HUD VASH subsidy, Project Based HUD VASH, and/or Project Based Section 8 via the Orange County Housing Authority. Additionally, a pending City of Placentia Development Impact Fee Deferral reinforces the commitment to providing sustainable housing for veterans.

Project Summary:

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Experience how the Placentia Veterans Village in California has transformed a vacant site into an eco-friendly haven for veterans. Through the installation of solar thermal technology, this project not only offers sustainable housing but also empowers veterans and contributes to the community's well-being.


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