Healthcare Industry Solar Water Heating

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The "Escalante Pradilla" memorial Hospital, San Jose, Costa Rica

A variety of building types can take advantage of solar water heating systems including, residences, hotels, laundromats, hospitals, prisons, and kitchens.

Hospitals and other medical care facilities require many energy resources. These include heat, power, lighting as well as medical products. When it comes to people’s health, efficiency is key; any waste can translate to resources not being available to help someone in need. This makes energy conservation and effectiveness very important.

This energy can be very effectively harvested from the sun. The sun provides more energy in an hour than the entire world can use in a year. Solar Water Heating is an attractive solution to harness this tremendous resource. SunEarth manufactures the most efficient solar hot water collectors and solar water heating systems for hospitals on the market. The clean energy collected by the healthcare industry solar water heating products will help any hospital wishing to reduce its environmental footprint.


Solar water heating systems are most cost effective for facilities with the following characteristics:

  • Water heating load is constant throughout the year (not vacant in summer)
  • Water heating load is constant throughout the week (can utilize solar heat every day)
  • Cost of fuel used to heat water is high or unstable (examples include electricity, which represents 46% of the water heating market, and propane, which represents 2% of the market in remote locations)
  • A sunny climate (helpful but not required—in 2003, the three largest markets were Florida, California, and New Jersey). 

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