Project Introduction:
Location: 11901 San Isidro De El General, San Jose, Costa Rica
Installer: Hi Power CR
Completed: 2016
The "Escalante Pradilla" memorial Hospital, located right in downtown San Isidro de El General city, is one of the biggest medical centers of the area. 
With a population under 5 million and no major industry, Costa Rica uses much less power than most developed countries, and its geography of tightly packed volcanoes, rivers and mountains is more suited to producing clean power than most. Though small, Costa Rica is able to produce enough energy to power itself while leaving much of its wilderness intact.

Project Summary:
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Application: Hospital
System Format: Solar pre-heated water for Domestic water use
Collectors: (32) SunEarth EP-40 Solar Thermal Collectors
Rated Power Output: 1636ft2 / 10.76 * 0.7 = 106.43 kw

Contact Information: 
SunEarth www.sunearthinc.com 
Since 1978, SunEarth has continuously built industry leading solar hot water collectors, components, and packaged systems. Call us today!


Hi Power CR http://hipowercr.com/
Hipower es una empresa que se dedica a la instalación de energías renovables, así como a las instalaciones electromecánicas. Si sus deseos son ahorrar de una manera confiable, así como asegurarse que cada instalación sea hecha con dedicación, empeño y los estándares ingenieriles más altos, Hipower es su empresa.

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