Case Study: Sustainable Hot Water Solution at Escalante Pradilla Memorial Hospital


In the heart of San Isidro de El General city, Costa Rica, the "Escalante Pradilla" Memorial Hospital stands as a vital cornerstone of healthcare services for the region. This hospital, one of the largest medical centers in the area, plays a pivotal role in providing healthcare support to the local population. In 2016, this revered institution took a significant step towards sustainability by implementing a Solar Pre-Heated Water System, engineered and installed by Hi Power CR.

Costa Rica: A Model of Sustainability:

Costa Rica, a country with a population of less than 5 million and limited industrial activity, has emerged as a beacon of sustainability in the modern world. Thanks to its remarkable geography, characterized by compactly positioned volcanoes, rivers, and mountains, Costa Rica is uniquely suited for clean energy production. The nation harnesses these natural advantages to generate abundant clean energy, meeting its power needs while preserving its pristine wilderness.

Project Overview:

  • Location: 11901 San Isidro De El General, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Installation Date: 2016
  • Installer: Hi Power CR

Sustainable Hot Water at Escalante Pradilla Memorial Hospital:

To enhance its commitment to sustainability and green energy practices, the "Escalante Pradilla" Memorial Hospital took a significant step by implementing a Solar Pre-Heated Water System. This system features a remarkable array of 32 SunEarth EP-40 Solar Thermal Collectors. These collectors are responsible for harnessing the abundant solar energy available in Costa Rica to pre-heat water, making the hospital's domestic water usage more energy-efficient.

Project Specifications:

  • Application: Hospital
  • System Format: Solar Pre-Heated Water for Domestic Water Use
  • Collectors: 32 SunEarth EP-40 Solar Thermal Collectors
  • Rated Power Output: 1636 ft² / 10.76 * 0.7 = 106.43 kW

A Sustainable Model for Healthcare:

The implementation of this Solar Pre-Heated Water System at the "Escalante Pradilla" Memorial Hospital in Costa Rica not only showcases the hospital's dedication to sustainability but also underscores the nation's commitment to responsible energy practices. With a robust solar infrastructure in place, the hospital can optimize domestic water heating, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. This case study serves as a model for sustainable practices in the healthcare sector, emphasizing that even essential services like hospitals can embrace green energy solutions to benefit both the community and the environment.


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