Quick to install and simple to use the Landscape Racks incorporate SunEarth’s elegant clip and groove collector attachment system requiring no collector frame penetrations. SunEarth Landscape Racks are the choice for mounting SunEarth flat plate collectors tilted in a landscape orientation. Ideal for low profile mounts on flat roofs and for higher collector tilts on pitched roofs. Landscape racks can also be used for “saw tooth” mounting on East or West sloped roofs with the collectors tilted to the South in portrait orientation.

Constructed from corrosion resistant anodized 6063 structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners; SunEarth Landscape Racks are engineered for challenging high wind and snow load conditions while the simplicity of design provides the best value solution for everyday new or retrofit construction projects. SunEarth’s Landscape Racks are available with three different leg lengths. For each leg length a range of tilt angles is achieved by changing the leg angle and bolt attachment hole on the supporting strut.

By selecting the appropriate Landscape Rack package, collector tilts between 20º and 60º from roof pitch can be achieved. SunEarth’s Landscape racks are the result of an exhaustive design and engineering process, including extensive FEA computer modeling, physical testing and structural engineering review. For a typical installation of a 4’x10’ SunEarth collector with up to 50º tilt, the rack will support a collector load of 108 lbf/ft² due to wind or snow loads while maintaining the structural integrity of the rack and collector system. Stamped structural engineering analysis and calculations are available for select States upon request.

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