ThermoRay Liquid Flat Plate Collector

ThermoRay Liquid Flat Plate Collector

The ThermoRay Blue Series Liquid Flat Plate Collectors – The Commercial Solar Professional’s First Choice.

Introducing the SunEarth Thermoray Blue Collector – a marvel in solar technology designed to redefine energy capture and efficiency. Elevating our renowned Thermoray series, this collector stands out for its unparalleled performance and innovation.

The ThermoRay Blue Series has everything that professional contractors demand in a solar collector: Sleek appearance, high performance, versatility, ease of installation, and rugged field-tested durability.

SunEath’s ThermoRay Blue Series collectors have over FOUR DECADES of engineering and design experience built into every product. The ThermoRay Blue Series collector defines quality and value in the North American market.


Thermoray Blue Collector: Revolutionizing Solar Efficiency

Technical Excellence

The Thermoray Blue Collector is a glazed liquid flat plate type designed and tested to meet the stringent standards set by ISO 9806-1:1994/ISO 9806-2:1995, SRCC 100-10, and SRCC Document RM-1. Certified by SRCC and listed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), it embodies technical precision and reliability.

Advanced Glazing

The collector boasts a low iron tempered glass glazing of minimum .125-inch thickness (.15625 on TRB-40) with a transmissivity of at least 91 percent (89 on TRB-40). A continuous EPDM gasket ensures thermal isolation from the casing, while a secondary silicone seal prevents moisture ingress.


Insulation Expertise

With foil-faced polyisocyanurate foam sheathing board of at least 1-inch thickness, the collector ensures optimal thermal resistance (minimum R-12). Low-binder fiberglass further enhances insulation, safeguarding the absorber plate.

Absorber Plate Precision

The absorber plate, comprised of a minimum .017-inch thick aluminum plate, features copper risers on no more than 4.7-inch centers, laser-welded for durability. Utilizing a copper phosphorous brazing alloy, it operates at a maximum pressure of 160 psig and a temperature of 400˚F.

Efficiency and Coating

The blue sputtered absorber coating boasts a minimum absorptivity of 95 percent and a maximum emissivity of 5 percent, ensuring optimal energy absorption and minimal heat loss. The collector demonstrates an instantaneous efficiency with exceptional performance metrics.

The SunEarth Thermoray Blue Collector represents the pinnacle of solar thermal technology, engineered to exceed expectations in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


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