SunWater PV Water Heater

SunWater PV Water Heater is the highest rated in its class offering 2x the efficiency of comparable products. View our ICC-SRCC solar rating for our SunWater PV Water Heater. With over 40 years of solar energy experience, in an everchanging landscape, we recognized the need for a dual electric source, solar water heater. A simple, clean, easy-to-use solution delivering high-performance for low and variable occupancy applications. An intelligent Water Heater configured and specifically designed to match your lifestyle! Featuring Safe, PROVEN THERMAL BATTERY TECHNOLOGY, Increased financial security, with NO PV INTERCONNECTION RESTRICTIONS.

The SunWater PV Water Heater is a 50 gallon pv water heater. A common size as it can supply hot water for 3 – 5 people. 

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Energy Saving

  • Takes Full Advantage of Timer Functionality
  • Grid Energy Only used during occupancy window


  • Utilizes Timer Functionality
  • Grid Energy Utilized if Solar Contribution is extremely low during times outside of occupancy window


  • Grid Element always active to provide hot water at any time

Vacation Mode

  • Grid Element is deactivated eliminating standby losses during periods of vacancy
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SunWater PV Water Heater was recently named a 2018 Editor's Choice by Green Builder Hot 50 Products. SunEarth is proud to receive this recognition to showcase the SunWater PV Water Heater and the environmental benefits it has to offer.  Selections for this award were based on the most innovative, creative and all-around sustainable products available to the building market. Check out the Editor's Choice Green Builders website to see our SunWater PV Water Heater!


Featuring Safe, PROVEN THERMAL BATTERY TECHNOLOGY, with a Full Color Touch Screen interface with visual indicators such as:

Solar Supply | Grid Supply | Energy Balance | Tank Temperature | Energy Savings

SunEarth Water heater

Innovation and Intelligence: Defined.

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