The SolarStation 1-Line is SunEarth’s solution to commercial solar thermal systems up to 800 ft2 of collector area. Designed with multi speed pumps to ensure compatibility with a wide range of system configurations. The SolarStation 1-Line is factory assembled using top tier components and is tested for hydraulic integrity to ensure a smooth installation.

Designed utilizing multi-speed pumps for small and medium size projects, SunEarth’s “SolarStation 1-Line” is a preassembled and dependable solution providing excellent manufacturing quality while saving time and preventing unexpected installation delays.

The “SolarStation 1-Line” has been designed to be easily adapted to SunEarth solar storage tank manifolding system allowing for quick and efficient connecting solar storage tanks to increase    storage volume.


  • Controller

    Operates the pumps through differential temperature algorithms, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) offers insight into the system operation and condition. The controller reports temperature readings from up to 5 locations with 3 controllable outputs. Micro-SD card for data logging of Time, date, temperature, and pressure are standard. Optional internet connectivity and system energy production reporting through a web based application.

    Electronic Pressure and Temperature Sensors

    Ensuring faster system commissioning with the ability for precise adjusts to system parameters.


    Wet-rotor type whereas the pump and motor form an integral unit without shaft seals. Pump utilizes composite impellers with cast-iron volute. Multiple speed settings provide the ability to tune the solar system for optimal operation rates.

    Service Valves

    Ball drain valves eliminate dozens of leak paths, allowing for trouble-free flushing, draining and filling of the Solar circuit. 

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