SolaRay 2: Water Heating System

SolaRay 2 is a forced-circulation, indirect system, designed primarily for climates that experience annual and persistent hard-freeze conditions.  The specified heat transfer fluid is an industrial grade propylene glycol. 

The Solaray 2 System solar storage tank incorporates an integral single-wall heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer effectiveness. The versatile SolaRay 2 solar storage tank meets or exceeds most major U.S. building and plumbing code requirements. The SolaRay 2 system is available with either AC or PV pumping options.

If properly installed and maintained the Solaray 2 forced-circulation glycol system can safely be deployed in areas that experience annual persistent hard freeze conditions.  ICC-SRCC Rated Freeze Tolerance:  – 60° F. 

Click here to see our Innovative SolaRay Hot Water Station Sunearth's solution to seamless installation of our SolaRay AC systems.


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