The innovative SunEarth SolarStation Series is comprised of pre-engineered units utilizing quality components in a neat, compact arrangement.

The SunEarth SolarStation is available either with a separate or integrated advanced differential control. The SunEarth SolarStation is a simple, labor saving, attractive and economical solution for installing indirect glycol systems.


  • Cast iron three speed pump (115V-60Hz). Adjustable three speed pump
    provides _ow rates across the range of SRCC OG-300 certified Solaray
    closed loop glycol systems. Includes line cord for connection to differential
  • SunEarth differential controller, supplied with every SolarStation. Easy to
    read backlit LCD displays system operating temperatures at up to three
    locations. Includes line cord from controller to 120V outlet, providing plug
    and play installation and operation.
  • Compact insulated enclosure made of expanded polypropylene foam,
    designed for professional finished appearance and superior durability.
    Custom molded enclosure allows easy access to all piping connections.
    Removable cover is fitted around temperature gauges for convenient
    system performance monitoring.
  • Combination brass ball valves and check valves with integrated thermometers,
    (32°F - 248°F scale). Valves are color coded - blue handle for supply to collectors, red handle for return from collectors. Spring check valve in supply and return ball valves. Check valves can be bypassed by turning the valve handle to the 45° position.
  • Balancing Valve and Flow Meter (0.5 - 4 gpm). Visual reading of system flow with balancing valve for quick and easy optimization of system flow rate.
  • Air separator with air vent. Air separator tube removes air from flow during
    pump operation. Air is separated from main _ow during system activation and
    maintenance, and can be expelled by opening air vent. Removal of air from flow
    reduces potential for air locks in system.
  • Pressure relief valve with pressure gage and expansion tank connection. Pressure
    relief valve set to discharge at 145 psi. Pressure gage scale is 0 – 145 psi (0 – 10
    bar). Expansion tank connection is ¾” male BSP.
  • Fill and drain valves with ¾” hose thread. Located upstream and downstream of
    the pump for filling, purging and draining the glycol loop.
    Compression fittings for ¾” Type L copper. Top two compression fittings to
    connect to collectors, bottom two to connect to heat exchanger in tank.

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