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Solar Pool Heating Applications

Every year, over 100,000 solar pool heating systems are sold to owners who want safe, efficient pool heating. Solar is the most cost-effective form of pool heating, with no additional operating costs, low maintenance and benefitting from the abundant supply of energy from the sun. Solar pool systems can be utilized as either a standalone heating system or in unison with an existing pool heater as a hybrid pool heating system.

Solar Pool heating systems are applicable for residential and commercial pool heating applications. Commercial swimming pools such as those owned/operated by Apartment Complexes, HOA’s, health clubs, gyms, and schools are perfect candidates for solar pool heating. Since owners/operators offer a product that consumers demand to be comfortable in, they have no choice but to utilize a pool heating system.

Most of these pools are heated with fossil-fuels aside from increasing the facilities operating costs, thus increasing the facilities contribution to air pollution and climate change. Solar pool heating systems provide a clean, affordable way to reduce or eliminate the monthly fossil fuel energy requirement for heating commercial swimming pools. 

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