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Solar Pool & Hot Tub Heating Collectors

Solar Heating Collectors for Pool & Hot Tub

Solar pool heating collectors are designed to utilize solar energy to heat pool water. These collectors are usually composed of flat, black panels that absorb sunlight and transfer the heat to the pool water. By implementing solar pool heating, you can extend your swimming season in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner, allowing you to maximize the use of your pool.


SunEarth offers the Oasis line of solar pool collectors. All solar pool collectors are manufactured with pride in the USA, producing a superior quality solar pool collector that will hold up to the elements.

SunEarth’s Oasis Pool collectors are rated by the International Association of Mechanical and Plumbing Officials (IAMPO).


The Oasis all-copper solar pool collector provides professional distributors and contractors with an alternative to conventional propylene plastic pool collectors. Unlike plastic pool collectors, the Oasis is unaffected over time by ultraviolet radiation.  For best results, SunEarth recommends that the Oasis collector be used in conjunction with a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger.


The White House pool and spa is heated by SunEarth Oasis all-copper pool collectors. The roof-integrated installation was conceived by Solar Design Associates of Harvard, MA.


The Oasis PP Solar pool heating collector is SunEarth’s market leading pool collector, making it the first choice for solar professionals, engineers and architects alike.

The Oasis PP solar pool collector is manufactured in the USA from a high temperature polypropylene copolymer plastic material with decades of field-tested reliability. This rugged and affordable solar pool collector has been specifically engineered by SunEarth for commercial swimming pool applications, but is equally at home in any residential application. The Oasis PP solar pool collector is the state-of-the-art choice for America’s solar pool heating professional contractors.

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