Solar Water Heating Systems 


SunEarth provides its customers with a number of engineered residential solar water heating systems that have been certified or listed with various accredited third-party agencies.

SunEarth designed solar water heating systems and components have been certified, approved and/or listed with the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC), the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), and the joint U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA/U.S. 


These independent third-party certifications and approvals are recognized and referenced by federal and state governments for tax credit purposes, by various public and municipal utility companies for energy efficiency and renewable rebate programs, and by plumbing and mechanical code officials and field inspectors in most jurisdictions.

Pressurized vs. Unpressurized Solar Storage Tanks

What is a pressurized solar storage tank?

A pressurized solar storage tank is filled with water and it comes up to the pressure of your house. A normal pressure level for a residential storage tank is around 60 psi. The tank is under high pressure.

What is an unpressurized solar tank?

An unpressurized tank has water in the tank that does not have any pressure. The water sits in the tank and has a fixed volume. This tank is similar to a swimming pool or a spa. The water will not shoot out of the tank if it is released.

What is the difference between pressurized and unpressurized?

The main difference between a pressurized solar tank and an unpressurized solar tank is that the pressurized tank has a psi of around 60 and the unpressurized tank has a psi of around 0. The unpressurized tank is like a spa and does not have any pressure.


Active v. Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

What is an active solar water heating system?

Whenever SunEarth uses the term active when referring to a solar water heating system, we are referencing the existence of a pump. In active solar water heating systems, water is pumped to the collector to be heated. Then the water travels through the collector, exits the collector, and then flows back down to the storage tank. Active systems can be either direct or indirect.

What is a passive solar water heating system?

In a passive solar water heating system, there are no moving components. Basically, the ICS, integrated collector storage, sits on the roof, gets filled with pressure, heats the water, and then the water travels to your heater. There are no moving parts or pumps involved in the process.

What is the difference between active and passive solar water heating systems?

If there is a pump involved in a solar water heating system, we call it an active system. If there is not a pump involved in the solar water heating system, SunEarth calls it a passive solar water heating system.

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