Solar Hot Water Collectors

SunEarth manufactures different flat plate solar hot water collectors for various applications. 

Solar Hot Water Collectors

Solar Hot Water Collectors

What Are Solar Hot Water Collectors?

Liquid flat plate collectors are a long lasting, durable, and cost effective solution to controlling rising energy costs.

SunEarth's broad range of collector series options allow for the application-specific selection of the most critical component of a solar heating system. 

SunEarth's Available Collectors:

What Does Each Collector Do?

The Empire series sets the industry standard for quality, performance, durability and value. The Empire collector continues to outpace the competition on a dollar per delivered BTU basis. The SunBelt series was specifically designed for the extreme climate of the American southwest.

The Thermoray Series collectors are engineered for reliable performance in areas of the country where system overheating can be an issue. The ThermoRay series is the industry performance leader maximizing the amount of solar energy collected while maintaining the robust characteristics of a SunEarth liquid flat plate solar hot water collector.

What are solar collectors?

Flat-plate solar collectors are composed of metal boxes with transparent glazing , and an absorber plate. The sides and bottom of the collector are covered with insulation to minimize heat losses to other parts of the collector.

SunEarth manufactures flat-plate solar collectors for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

How do solar collectors work?

As flat-plate solar collectors are exposed to the sun, the plate heats up, transferring the heat. SunEarth ties everything into the plumbing system of your house. 

What is the difference between solar collectors and solar panels?

When it comes to solar collectors and solar panels, terminology refers to the technology involved. The term solar collector is primarily used for solar hot water/solar thermal technology. The term solar panel is primarily used for photovoltaic/pv technology. However, collector and panel can be interchanged by those within the industry.

What are the types of solar collectors?

There are Active Systems and there are Passive Systems. In an active system, a heat pump sends water to the collector to be heated and then flows back to a storage tank for use. In a passive system, there are no moving components. The collector gets filled with pressure and heats water as it sits on the roof, and then the water travels to your heater. 

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