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SunEarth offers a variety of solar hot water heating products and solutions that allows you to use the sun's power to provide hot water for all your needs.

A solar hot water system is really quite simple. You’re using the sun’s energy to heat a solar collector full of solar fluid which then transfers that heat into your home’s hot water tank. The solar fluid in the solar hot water heater protects against freezing.

  1. When there is sufficient heat to be drawn from the collectors, a controller automatically turns the system on and activates pumps.
  2. Heated solar fluid is then circulated from the collector…
  3. through a heat exchanger where its heat is transferred to…
  4. Water in the solar storage tank.
  5. Solar heated water in the solar storage tank is then drawn into the main water heater.

This circulation loop will continue as long as there is heat to be drawn from the collector. When there is little or no sun, the main water heater will still function providing ample hot water for your home.

Solar Water Heating, in all aspects, across all industries, is energy security. We use the term energy security to refer to a nation’s ability to control its supply of energy. Most countries have to buy at least some of the energy that they require. Where a country relies heavily on external supplies of such energy sources, they have low energy security.

Additionally, if we take the term energy security and apply it to a residential property, commercial property, or industrial property, and install a solar water heating system at this property, we are helping to control energy costs, amid rising and uncertain utility costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Solar Water Heating Products

What is the Return on Investment for Solar Water Heating Products?

The ROI for our equipment usually takes anywhere between 5 to 12 years. This varies based on the types of fuel being used to heat the water, the type of government approval for your project, and other factors that we are happy to review with you to determine the exact ROI for your solar water heating product.

Have you wondered what happens if your water gets too hot? Does that mean you have to drain your tank?

The short answer to this question is no. Generally speaking, you never have to drain your solar storage tank. There are many different systems with different functionalities, and each of these systems could require a different solution for when the water gets too hot inside the tank. Feel free to contact SunEarth with any of your questions about your specific solar water heating product.

Have you ever wondered what temperatures can be reached with a Solar Hot Water Heater?

The solar water heater can heat the water up to 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The mixing station can mix the water to bring it to a safe temperature to use. The water that we use in our house in our faucet and shower is typically around 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

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