SETR0301U Controller

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SETR0301U (SunEarth Brand) / SETR0301U / TR0301U  240V

The SETR0301U controller was specially developed for the North American market based on the SETR0301U basic controller. With its special certification (ETL label) from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the US, the controller meets the safety standards and minimum requirements of the North American market.

A feature of the SETR0301U series of controllers is the animated graphic display, which offers a complete visualization of the solar energy system's operating status and solar circuit.

Product features

  • Compact, multipart designer casing
  • Maximum storage tank temperature
  • High level of operational safety through fault diagnosis
  • Temperature display °C / °F
  • Collector over temperature disconnection
  • Spring clamp terminals allow rapid and easy installation


  • Graphical LCD display with backlighting
  • Animated representation of the systems and operating states


  • Holiday (storage tank recooling)
  • Interval / tube collector
  • Anti-freeze
  • Display storage tank top
  • Stagnation Protection


  • Non-verbal menu navigation
  • Side switch for manual, auto, off

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