SunEarth Premium SE Series Solar Storage Tank

SunEarth Premium SE Series direct solar water heaters are designed for installation as a part of a direct (open loop) solar water heating system or for use with external heat exchangers in closed loop systems.

Available in 65, 80 and 119-gallon capacities, these models provide storage for the hot water produced by the solar collectors and a supplementary electric heating element that maintains consistent water temperature during periods when solar energy is not available. Available in 6/6 or 12/12 Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty.

  • 4500 Watt Heating Element (12-yr model features Incoloy Element)
  • Fully Glass lined
  • Magnesium Anode Rod with Stainless Steel core (12-yr model features dual Anode Rods)
  • 2-inch-Thick (R16) insulation
  • Pre-installed low lead brass nipple in top connections
  • Factory insulated side connections
  • Prewired for tank temperature sensor (sensor not included)
  • Factory installed CSA certified and ASME rated T&P
  • Durable tamper-resistant brass drain valve
  • Top and side connect in one tank

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