Roof Fasteners and Solar Specialties 

All SunEarth liquid flat plate collectors are designed to be attached to our engineered RexRack and SolarStrut mounting hardware with an extruded aluminum clip and a stainless steel sliding nut and bolt assembly.  SunEarth has developed or sourced a number of innovative fastening and specialty roofing products to ensure that our collectors and mounting hardware are correctly anchored and water-proofed in accordance with best roofing practices.   

Our fastening products include 18/8 stainless steel lag bolts, hanger bolts and threaded rod in various diameters and lengths.   Roofing specialties include 4” and 8” standoff mounts in either 304 stainless steel or black painted mild steel. IAPMO listed Master Flash soft aluminum flashings are available in pipe diameters between ¼” and 4”.  Master Flash sleeves are made of EPDM or Silicone, and are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to ozone and ultraviolet degradation.


Quick Mount integral flashing and mounting systems:

  • 100% code-compliant, waterproof mounts. Meets UBC & IBC structural and flashing requirements.
  • Rugged engineering to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Fast, easy installation that saves rooftop labor time.
  • Non-corrosive aluminum and stainless steel construction.



The 12 x 12-inch Composition Mount flashing is designed to fit within a standard 5 to 5.5" course and the exposed course should be no greater than 5.75". If the exposure is greater than this, use the Shake Mount as an alternative. There's no shingle cutting and no shingle distortion caused by trying to force a fit.


Designed to be adaptable, Quick Mount PV's 18 x18-inch flashing installs on East Coast style shake roofs (7.5-inch exposure over skip sheeting) and West Coast (10-inch exposure over solid sheeting) alike. The flashing slides quickly into place with no need to modify the shake to force a fit.


The 18" x 18" aluminum flashing shapes easily to blend with surrounding tiles and is safer and less expensive than lead. Quick Mount PV Curved Tile Mounts meet or exceed all building codes and industry standards for durability and waterproofing. Quick Mount’s all-aluminum and stainless steel construction lasts three times longer than galvanized metals.

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