Oasis: Solar Collectors for Pool Heating

Oasis: Solar Pool & Spa Heating 

The Oasis all-copper pool and spa collector provides professional distributors and contractors with an alternative to conventional propylene plastic pool collectors. Unlike plastic pool collectors, the Oasis is unaffected over time by ultraviolet radiation.  For best results, SunEarth recommends that the Oasis collector is used in conjunction with a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger.

Oasis PP: Solar Pool & Spa Heating Collector

The Oasis PP is SunEarth’s market-leading pool and spa heating collector. The Oasis PP is manufactured from a high-temperature polypropylene copolymer plastic material with decades of field-tested reliability. This rugged and affordable collector has been specifically engineered by SunEarth for commercial swimming pool applications, but is equally at home in any residential application. The Oasis PP is the state-of-the-art polymer choice for America’s solar pool heating professional contractors.

Collector and System Kits

Have you thought about using Kits for your Solar installs? Have you wondered what Kits are available through SunEarth?

SunEarth has a variety of kits available for your solar installs. Collector Kits and System Kits include all of the parts necessary to correctly install the complete systems. To learn more about our kit options, please contact us today!

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