Unlock Funding for Solar Water Heating Projects with NYSERDA's C&I Carbon Challenge

Overview of the C&I Carbon Challenge

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has launched the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Carbon Challenge to support large non-residential energy users in reducing their carbon footprint. This initiative is designed to unlock deep decarbonization opportunities by providing resources directly to large energy consumers or through preferred solutions providers. The C&I Carbon Challenge offers a competitive proposal process where winners will collaborate closely with a dedicated NYSERDA resource on all proposed projects, ensuring streamlined support and guidance.

Benefits for Large Energy Consumers

NYSERDA's initiatives and programs cater to businesses and organizations across New York State, recognizing the unique needs of large energy consumers in increasing efficiency and lowering emissions. The C&I Carbon Challenge builds on New York State’s commitment to private sector solutions, providing the flexibility to leverage in-house expertise or collaborate with service providers to achieve significant carbon reductions and energy cost control.

Award Details

NYSERDA will allocate up to $10 million through the C&I Carbon Challenge, with individual awards ranging from $500,000 to $3.75 million per successful proposal. These funds can support a single large project or a portfolio of projects, focusing on beneficial electrification, carbon capture, manufacturing process emission reductions, or low-carbon fuel projects. Spread over three years, awardees will work with NYSERDA to refine and implement their carbon reduction strategies, benefiting from a dedicated project manager and technical specialist.

Solar Water Heating: A Key Eligible Project

To qualify for funding, projects must address at least one of the following areas:


Solar water heating is explicitly recognized as an eligible technology under the C&I Carbon Challenge. This is a prime opportunity for large energy consumers to implement solar thermal systems, which can significantly reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs. Specific eligible projects include:


Who Can Apply

The application is open to large energy consumers and firms providing decarbonization solutions directly to these consumers. Proposals are welcomed from various sectors, including but not limited to:


Curious how Solar Water Heating was integrated within the above sectors, take a look at the Case Studies here.


Application Process

Interested applicants should submit their online application by July 31, 2024, at 4 PM. Required attachments include:


For detailed program information and to access the application, visit the NYSERDA C&I Carbon Challenge page.

Seize the Opportunity with SunEarth

At SunEarth, we are excited about the opportunity presented by NYSERDA's C&I Carbon Challenge. Solar thermal systems, particularly solar water heating, are explicitly included as eligible technologies for C&I scale carbon reduction efforts. With a total award amount of $10 million and individual project awards ranging from $500,000 to $3.75 million, this is a great opportunity for eligible projects or those looking for funding in New York.

If you have any projects that could benefit from this funding, now is the time to apply. This initiative not only supports your carbon reduction goals but also helps in controlling energy costs through innovative solar thermal solutions.

Let's seize this opportunity to further our efforts in decarbonization and energy efficiency. For more information and to apply, visit the NYSERDA C&I Carbon Challenge page.

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