SunEarth Inc. Statement on Treasury Department Guidance on Domestic Content Provisions

June 5, 2023

FONTANA, CALIFORNIA – On Friday, May 12, 2023, the U.S. Department of the Treasury released new guidance on the implementation of the domestic content bonus credit in the inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”). Under the IRA, developers that utilize domestically produced products are eligible for a 10% bonus credit. SunEarth Inc. has preliminarily determined that the products listed below meet the requirements of this guidance.

Following is a statement from Brian Gold, President, and CEO of The Solaray Corporation, holding company of SunEarth Inc.:

“SunEarth is a proud producer of American-made clean energy products for over 40 years. The Solaray family of companies has long been a manufacturer and supplier of domestically made solar water heating systems,” said Mr. Gold. “We’re proud to be one of the few employee-owned suppliers in the United States and will continue to support small, locally owned businesses that build renewable energy systems that customers can rely on.”

Adam Chrisman, SunEarth President, and The Solaray Corporation Vice-President states "Since its establishment in the 1970s, SunEarth has been dedicated to producing domestic content.  This philosophy is at the heart of SunEarth's mission."

The following products produced by SunEarth are determined to meet Treasury Guidance for Applicable Project components:



American Made

In accordance with the standard established by the Federal Trade Commission for U.S. origin claims, SunEarth Inc, products and components fully qualify as Made in the USA: Purchasing solar products which are made in America provides jobs to Americans, cuts down on the energy wasted by overseas shipping, as well as ensuring that the processes used in manufacturing are carefully regulated in terms of their impact on the environment. Not many companies have the distinction of this honor.

Adam Chrisman, Vice-President Solaray Corporation and SunEarth President states ‘SunEarth makes a conscious decision when sourcing suppliers to have them as locally as possible. For this reason, many of our suppliers are within 100 miles of SunEarth's Fontana facility, and many more within the state or country. It is a matter of great importance to our company historically to source materials as locally as possible to decrease the associated pollution that comes with moving materials great distances.’

Reference: SunEarth Made In USA Statement

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