SunEarth Warranty Extension

Introducing the SunEarth warranty extension, available only with the installation of a complete solar water heating system featuring SolFlux monitoring.

The SunEarth warranty is top-notch within the solar water heating industry, and each component in your solar water heating system has its own warranty. However, we have some exciting news for our valued customers: the next generation of Hot Water Stations (HWS) and Solar Stations is here making the products smarter and more convenient.

The SolFlux SWH Smart Control by SunEarth is a smart control and monitoring solution that allows you to monitor the heat generated and stored by your solar water heating system in real-time through the smart phone app. With advanced algorithms and interconnected dashboards, you can utilize smarter control strategies and improve your water heating controls. This smart controller allows you to do more with less.

Solflux allows you to control and monitor your solar water heating system through the Sensorlinx app. You can access and manage temperature readings, solar storage tank charge status, pump operation, energy production, and more. The app also provides lifetime and duration monitoring, as well as peak power with a reviewable 30-day history.

The integration of Solflux Smart Controls for our Hot Water Stations and Solar Stations is a gamechanger!

As a special bonus, when you connect your HWS or Solar Station to the Sensorlinks App via SolFlux, and register the product on SunEarth’s website you can receive a complimentary extended warranty.

That means you can enjoy the comfort and reliability of our HWS or Solar Station for longer, with no extra cost or hassle.

If you haven't bought a HWS yet, now is the best time to do so. You'll get the latest technology and innovation, plus an extended warranty at no extra cost.

Don't miss this chance to get the most out of your hot water experience. Order your HWS or Solar Station with a Solflux Smart Control today and register for the extended warranty!

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