Water heaters use about 20% of a home’s energy. Most homeowners are unaware of the many qualifying home improvements that can drastically reduce energy and water consumption all while slashing the monthly utility bills!

Heating is the one of the top energy expenses for most customers. In fact, heating can account for more than half of your total natural gas bill. Upgrading to a more energy-efficient model can help you save money, and there just so happens to be a new rebate in town.

Install a ENERGY STAR Certified Solar Water Heating System, backed by SoCal Gas, and not only slash your utility bill in the short term, but do it for the long term with a highly efficient solar water heating system.


ENERGY STAR Solar Thermal Water Heating System

$3500-4500 Rebate on ENERGY STAR® Certified Solar Thermal Systems with a gas water heater backup. Must have a Solar Uniform Energy Factor (SUEF) of 1.8 or greater. Limit one per household.

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About SunEarth

SunEarth is one of the most experienced solar thermal manufacturers in the world. Since 1978, SunEarth has designed and built industry-leading solar hot water collectors, components, and packaged systems. Every SunEarth product is constructed to exacting standards with the world’s harshest climates and environmental conditions in mind.

Our commitment to performance, durability, and innovation is unparalleled – SunEarth is a global leader in renewable energy technology, offering more ICC-SRCC certified system options than anyone else in the world.

SunEarth believes in helping the environment through eco-friendly sustainability initiatives, recycling, energy conservation and green practices.

Working with others, we aspire to reshape the way we work to achieve significant and lasting improvement in environmental and social outcomes, in a way that also improves our business. Our approach accelerates us towards our three aspirational goals: to create minimal waste, operate with 100% renewable energy and supply products that sustain our planets finite resources and the environment. We are using our strengths to not only further work in our own operations, but to also help create a more sustainable value chain.

Since our founding in 1978, a core precept of our mission has been to actively participate in the task of reducing America’s dangerous dependence on polluting fossil fuels.

For additional information, please visit EnergyStar.gov or www.sunearthinc.com.

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