Tuesday, February 1  5:15 PM - 5:35 PM

 Location: Theater C - N249


Title: Sophisticated Solar Thermal Monitoring Ushers in the Next Generation of DHW System Control

Description: Monitoring is more than tallying heat output, it's a system that allows the energy professional to easily determine that a system is running properly, while providing access to information that will help troubleshoot a malfunctioning system. Consumers want to be in-tune with overall system production, Professionals need that data pushed to them in the form of alerts to system malfunctions, along with remote access to real-time data, which is why SunEarth has designed a control that provides the system data needed for monitoring and maintenance.

Type: New Product & Technology Presentations

Cost: FREE to all registered AHR Expo attendees




Business Development Manager at SunEarth

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