American Manufactured since 1978!

SunEarth Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in May 1978, and over the past forty-three years has grown to become one of the most experienced solar thermal product manufacturers in the world.  SunEarth’s strength lies in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of world class solar water heating collectors, mounting hardware, ancillary components, and integrated systems at competitive prices for each channel customer.    

Why buying American is important to us

As a Hawaiian rooted business with a deep sense of environmental stewardship we are committed to our ‘American Values’ and strive to remember you, our neighbors, in everything we produce.  For over 40 years SunEarth, Inc., has taken into consideration the impact we have on the environment and have ensured that the vendors we partner with and the products we produce adhere to guidelines utilizing American-made raw materials.

 SunEarth Inc. can say ‘Made in America’ with confidence

SunEarth makes a conscious decision when sourcing suppliers to have them as local as possible. For this reason, many of our suppliers are within 100 miles of SunEarth's Fontana facility, and more within the state or country. It is a matter of great importance to our company historically to source materials as local as possible to decrease the associated pollution that comes with moving materials great distances. This outlook goes to the core of why SunEarth exists. 

Additionally, in accordance with the standard established by the Federal Trade Commission for U.S. origin claims, the following SunEarth Inc, products and components fully qualify as Made in the USA:

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