Homeowners, Property Managers, Contractors and Architects have chosen SunEarth solar water heating systems for over four decades for a variety of different reasons, but there is no denying that the quality and longevity of our collectors demand attention.  SunEarth solar water heating systems and components are built with different applications and regions in mind so as to suit all needs. With this in mind,  SunEarth Inc. makes ten primary products.  These are the Empire, ThermoRay, and SunBelt medium temperature liquid flat plate collectors, the CopperHeart integral collector storage system, the Islander hot water station, the Oasis low temperature pool and spa collector, standard SunBurst and custom all copper roll-formed absorber plates, “Solar Strut”ÔRexRack™ and CompRail ™ integrated mounting systems and hardware.  Except for the Oasis copper pool collector and CompRail, our products are engineered for use in residential and commercial medium temperature domestic hot water heating (DHW) systems.  Specialty products include custom collectors and absorber plate manufactured to specification.  

SunEarth manufactures or provides all four of the leading solar thermal system technologies, including forced-circulation glycol and drainback, integral collector storage (ICS), and thermsiphon systems.  Our customers want and deserve products and systems that are climate appropriate.   SunEarth believes in offering a choice of solutions.  To showcase the different systems and components, we’ve highlighted a few of the recent solar installations that have stood out.             

RES Solar 


Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe this incredible solar installation by RES Solar of Cohasset, MA. “Is this the greatest picture of Sunearth panels yet - Boston skyline in the background!” Erica Boyle, Owner, RES Solar. Upgrades to the 192,796 square foot Lenox Roxbury property that began in  March 2021 will also include masonry repairs, new decentralized heating and hot water systems, new security cameras, windows and exterior doors, life-safety improvements, installation of solar thermal panels on each building, new intercoms, fully renovated kitchens and bathrooms, ventilation and air quality improvements, in-unit washers and dryers, accessibility improvements, common area upgrades, dumpster enclosures, stair railings, and signage. The community, management and maintenance space will be reconfigured and fully renovated, and will include new amenities designed to promote health, learning and interaction.

California Solar Integrators 


The sun sets over the Ryder on Olive in Davis, California. This picturesque scene was captured by California Solar Integrators earlier this year as the installation was complete.  The Ryder on Olive was built to serve all UC Davis students and deliver The Ryder On Olive, with spacious student living and incredible amenities, like solar water heating for the pool and residences - all in an unmatched location near the UC campus and downtown Davis.

Ho’a Solar


This SunEarth Empire Collector, (EP-40), the blue skies and the city of Honolulu, Oahu in the background grab your attention with just one glance.  Ho’a Solar of Kailua, Hawaii is behind this residential install that includes an 80 gallon storage tank along with the aforementioned EP-40 collector.

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