4 Reasons to Invest in Solar Pool Heating


Solar heating makes sense

If you find your bills are high in spring/fall because of pool, jacuzzi or hot tub use — solar pool heating is 100% worth it. Instead of fighting against the heat of the sun, use it to your advantage. Although there are upfront installation costs, you will return substantial savings over a few years that give you an excellent ROI. A solar pool heating system provides inexhaustible energy for free!

An unheated swimming pool’s water temperature will usually match the average air temperature for the preceding week. If the pool is warmer than the air after a cold front pass through, the pool will give up heat energy through evaporation until the air and water temperatures are the same.

Think of it this way: You run your air conditioner during the summer to cool your home. If you were to open all the doors and windows on a hot summer day, the indoor air temperature would rise to match the outdoor air temperature within a fairly short time. At some point, the indoor and outdoor air temperatures would be the same.

Your pool goes through the same balancing act, only in reverse.

Solar heating is cost-effective

Solar heating allows you to save on your energy bills and extend the use of your swimming pool throughout the year, thus rendering the pool more “cost effective”. Additionally  installing solar panels and use that glaring sun to help cool your house by rerouting the solar energy hitting your roof to your pool.This natural means of energy management is kind to the planet and kind to your wallet!   

Most solar pool heating systems use a solar collector, which gathers solar power, a pump which circulates water through a filter to remove debris and a flow control valve which diverts the water back through the solar collector. If you experience particularly hot summers, you can also use the device to cool the pool overnight during peak season.  

These panels use renewable, unlimited, and free energy. Apart from the filter pump, which does consume energy, the thermal panels require little electrical energy to operate. There is almost no additional operating cost associated with them. All in all, this solar swimming pool heater will cost you nothing more than the price of its initial purchase.

Solar heating is environmentally friendly.

Using solar energy to heat your swimming pool is an environmentally friendly choice because it does not release any greenhouse gases or hazardous waste into the atmosphere during operation. By opting for solar energy, you eschew fossil fuels and thus helping prevent global warming.

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating

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