Solar Myth: Solar Energy Is Only Reliable During the Summer Season

There is a misconception that solar water heating only works during the summer months, when the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures are up. Although solar panels work best in strong, direct sunlight, they continue to draw in energy during overcast and rainy conditions. Your solar heater will use this steady supply of energy to constantly provide hot water throughout the year. During the day, an insulated tank will store heated water, which will be ready to use, even at night when there is no sunlight.

The belief being that winter months when the temperatures drops or cloudy days do not produce hot water. This is simply not true. What is true, is that cloudy days and winter months still see heat production from your solar thermal system. This heat during these conditions is not as hot as the heat generated during the summer months, but remember if the sun is out, there is heat in the tanks. Solar water heating systems are engineered in such a way that it can heat water throughout the year. A solar water heater is capable of absorbing heat and turning it into stored solar energy year-round.

Solar Myth: Solar Water Heating is Expensive

One of the major reason people avoid buying solar water heating systems lies with overall system cost. But you should also know that government and non-governmental incentives are given to reduce the cost. It is also a great investment as it can recoup its installation cost in energy savings over time which no other type of water heater can do.

The cost of equipment and installation depends on the type of system you want. Consider your home’s hot water needs before committing to a system, and ask your installer for an estimate. Additionally, a solar water heating system can last up to 35 years when properly maintained, so you will not have to purchase a replacement any time soon.

Solar Myth: Solar Water Heating makes no Difference to the Utility Bill

Even though, you have a lot of appliances in your home using a solar water heater will reduce your electricity or gas bill. A standard water heater consumes a lot of energy. You will be able to save at least 20-30% of your usual bill when choosing a solar water heater.

Solar Myth: Solar collectors are ugly

To some perhaps, but to someone that likes saving money while saving the planet, the black boxes on your roof are a badge of honor, and a real conversation piece. There are several options when it comes to mounting your system. You can go with a roof mount, a ground mount, etc. And if we are talking about solar pool heating, you can also mount solar pool panels out of sight, on the backside of the fence, or on top of a shade pavilion or pool house.

Solar Myth: Solar pool heating panels are inefficient

A properly sized and installed solar pool heating system can raise the temperature of your pool by 10-15 ºF above that of an unheated pool. The size of your system and its relation to the size of your pool is very important. Solar pool heating systems efficiently heat pool water to temperatures every day that would cost a fortune with an electric heat pump or gas heater.




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