Solar pool heating has become increasingly popular for good reason: there are so many benefits! Solar pool heating is one of the best pool heating options out there, and it’s definitely worth it, not just because it’s the better pool heating choice for the environment. If you’re searching for a reason to make the jump into a solar heated pool, here are five:

1. You’ll save money

Solar pool heating is ideal for homes that desire a pool heating system that has minimal operating costs. The cost for the system and installation can pay for itself within 1 to 3 years, and you won’t be paying to run a pool heat pump because energy from the sun is free. Most of the time, solar pool heating systems can be hooked up to a pre-existing pool pump too, so you won’t have to make additional purchases.

2. Reliability

Solar energy has been used for decades, not just for heating pools, but also for providing electricity and warm running water for homes and businesses (solar thermal, or solar hot water heating). There aren't any motors or fans that you have to worry about breaking, and no heat exchangers that are at risk of corrosion, which means less moving parts.

3. Quiet as a Mouse

Most systems can be installed in a matter of hours, meaning you won’t have to wait around for days as the installation is completed. Unlike gas pool heaters, solar pool heaters don’t require in-ground plumbing, electric, or gas connections, so there’ll be no need to dig up your yard.

4. Low Maintenance

With solar pool heating systems being so reliable, maintenance is extremely low. Your solar pool heater won’t short-circuit, rust, or become blocked by foreign particles as other pool heaters can. The biggest problem you may encounter with a high quality solar system that has been professionally installed is a leakage in one of the pipes, which is an easy fix, and is usually outlined within the warranty.

5. Year Round Enjoyment

The most obvious reason to heat your pool with solar is to enjoy it for as much of the year as you can. Generally speaking, solar pool heating will raise the temperature of the water up to fifteen degrees warmer than the outside air.

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