With warm summer days on the horizon for California, not to mention skyrocketing heating and energy costs —many homeowners are looking to solar water heating as a more affordable and sustainable alternative to the traditional heating methods. While the benefits of installing a solar water heating system are prevalent any time of the year, here are seven reasons why we think spring is the optimal time for beginning system installation.  

  1. Preparfor summer – Solar water heating systems can be an involved installation process. Depending on the application, and location it can take several weeks or longer from start to finish. From permits to required inspections, there are any number of delays that can extend your timeline far past the date you anticipated transitioning between power sources. By beginning installation in the spring, you can guarantee that your system will be up and running for the hottest days of summer. 
  2. Become eco-friendly - Solar thermal power is a natural energy with none of the environmental impacts. 
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint - By using solar energy instead of fossil fuels, solar thermal systems reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. 
  4. Shorter solar installation wait times – Winter is the peak rush season for solar water heating system installation, resulting in much longer wait times for homeowners.  During the Summer, excessively hot summer temperatures can drastically delay installation timelines. Early Spring is the perfect time for system installation as demand is lower and conditions are temperate. 
  5. Reduce your energy bills- Solar thermal systems use solar energy to heat buildings, and reduce utility bills, often times up to 70%. Sunlight is free, so once you’ve installed your solar thermal system, your hot water costs will be greatly reduced. 
  6. Utilize the Summer Sun– Maximize thermal energy production by having your solar water heating system, whether domestic hot water, pool heating, or commercial, already in place by the time the seasons with the longest days roll around.  
  7. Solar tax incentives are shrinking in 2022– If you are thinking of capitalizing on solar tax incentives, you’d better move fast. 2021 will be last year for the 26% federal solar tax credit. In 2022 it will step down to 22%, and by December 31, 2023 it will disappear completely for residential customers.  

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