The Top 3 Solar Thermal Questions Homeowners Want Answered

“Why does solar thermal cost so much?”

Solar thermal technology is just that, technology. SunEarth manufactures the premium flat plate collector with top-tier components. The quality behind these collectors all comes down to what makes SunEarth, SunEarth.

Made with precision, every component of a SunEarth solar thermal system is meticulously designed and tested for long-term reliability. This is why SunEarth stands behind our product with the best warranty in the Industry. SunEarth covers what other conventional solar thermal product manufacturer warranties don’t.

“What rebates are available for solar thermal?”

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also referred to as the Federal Solar Tax Credit, currently allows solar system owners the ability to deduct 26% of the system cost from owed taxes. In years past, the tax credit allowed you to recoup 30% of the installation costs. States and local municipalities vary in local rebates available, dsireusa.org is a great resource that can provide additional rebate information.

“Why should I add a Solar Thermal system to my home?”

While a solar water heater won’t directly reduce your water consumption, it does carry with it many benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Fighting climate change.

Water heating accounts for 17 percent of a typical home’s energy use. Many North American homes heat water with natural gas or other fossil fuels. That’s tons of carbon going into the atmosphere. Switching to solar hot water is a great way to reduce carbon and other greenhouse emissions and protect our climate.

2. Protecting air quality.

Many additional homes use electricity to heat their water. Over one-third of U.S. electric power comes from burning coal. Particulates and other byproducts of burning coal pollute our air and contribute to a number of negative environmental and health effects. When you heat you home with solar hot water(solar space heating/radiant heating), you become a part of the solution to these public health problems.

3. Protecting water quality.

Carbon and particulates aren’t the only byproducts of burning fossil fuel. The Natural Resources Defense Council has identified power plants as the primary source of mercury and other toxic heavy metals being released into the environment each year. These substances are a major threat to the health of our rivers, streams and lakes — and to human health as well. Solar water heating is one practical step we can take to put a stop to mercury contamination of our watersheds.

4. Monthly savings.

A solar water heater can provide up to 80 percent of your hot water needs, even in temperate climates. This translates to major utility bill savings, month after month. In fact, a solar hot water system typically pays for itself in just four to eight years, and can be expected to last for 40 years or more. (SunEarth has

systems that were manufactured and installed in the 1980’s that are still performing today!) That’s a lot of free energy, and a lot of savings.

5. Increased home value.

Studies show that homes with solar sell faster and at higher prices than those without. Thus, adding solar hot water to your home is an investment that will pay back whether you stay or sell.

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