What makes SunEarth, SunEarth?

The oldest and most efficient solar application is heating water. Solar hot water systems have been around in one way or another ever since the height of the Roman empire. But over the last 100 years or so that solar hot water systems have become more popular — driven by high energy costs, environmental consciousness, and lower solar equipment costs.

Since 1978, SunEarth has been designing, manufacturing, and selling solar hot water collectors, components, and packaged systems. We have sustained decades of the “solar coaster” by adapting as solar thermal technology evolves, been challenged as incentives come and go, however through it all energy prices and environmental concerns are on the rise. So, “What Makes SunEarth, SunEarth?”


Engineered for markets that demands simple, durable, and reliable solar energy products SunEarth manufacturers a range collector sizes and models to serve a breath of applications, locations, and design needs. The basis of SunEarth’s collector design allow for servicing manufactured with the environment in mind and thus allowing for complete recyclability. Comprised of commodity metals and glass, the SunEarth Liquid Flat Plate Collectors are equipped with the ability to have components separated and replaced or removed for easy recycling of the materials within, thus ensuring that all SunEarth Collectors offer the longest possible high performing life span. As a basis of design, we strive to make our world as green as can be. According to the Department of Energy, if an additional 3% of homes installed solar hot water, we would annually eliminate 43,500 tons of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere.

SunEarth collectors are not just a black box, though that is a recognizable description. The insulation is both urethane foam and fiberglass. A combination that is durable and long-lasting when layered as in a SunEarth collector. This combination is time tested to resist the high collector stagnation temperatures, whilst maintaining a highly efficient low-profile collector. SunEarth collectors utilize all-specifically configured copper waterways that are brazed and 100% pressure-tested for high performance and longevity.,

SunEarth collectors quad port ambient air venting system is critical for real world performance results. Designed to quickly remove moisture, in this case condensation a resultant of heating cooler ambient air which is an unavoidable natural occurrence for all flat plate collector designs. Expelling the moisture that forms and utilizing Hydrophobic insulation such as fiberglass allows the collectors to clear the condensate condition quickly increasing solar energy collection and the collectors practical value.

Highest Performing Racking

SunEarth designs and manufactures a complete suite of racking alternatives to complement the solar heating system that is being installed. Engineered for longevity and robustness SunEarth’s high-quality, corrosion resistant mounting options are engineered to pair seamlessly with SunEarth Collectors and stand ready to meet the most demanding environmental conditions all while maintaining simplicity and versatility required for efficient time saving installation.

1. Elegant and Versatile Design

Quick to install and simple to use SunEarth racking incorporates SunEarth’s elegant clip and groove collector attachment system requiring no collector frame penetrations. SunEarth’s RexRack

System is ideal for low profile mounts on flat roofs and for higher collector tilts on pitched roofs. While SunEarth’s Landscape Racking system can also be used for “saw tooth” mounting on East or West sloped roofs with the collectors tilted to the South in portrait orientation.

2. Corrosion Resistant

Constructed from corrosion resistant anodized 6063 structural aluminum and stainless-steel fasteners; SunEarth’s L racking solutions are engineered for challenging high wind and snow load conditions while the simplicity of design provides the best value solution for everyday new or retrofit construction projects.

3. Exhaustive Engineering

SunEarth’s Landscape racks are the result of an exhaustive design and engineering process, including extensive FEA computer modeling, physical testing and structural engineering review. For a typical installation of a 4’x10’ SunEarth collector with up to 50º tilt, the rack will support a collector load of 108 lbf/ft² due to wind or snow loads while maintaining the structural integrity of the rack and collector system. Stamped structural engineering analysis and calculations are available for select States upon request.

The Most Certified

SunEarth holds the most ICC-SRCC certified systems in the Industry. The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC™) is the leading solar heating and cooling product certification program in North America, certifying to the requirements of International and Uniform Codes and Standards.

Employee-Owned Service

With more than four continuous decades of manufacturing and distributing solar heating equipment, we know that people are the difference makers and as we approach our first decade as an Employee-Owned Company it is our trusted customers and partners who embody most what Makes SunEarth, SunEarth.

American Made

In accordance with the standard established by the Federal Trade Commission for U.S. origin claims, SunEarth Inc, products and components fully qualify as Made in the USA: Purchasing solar products which are made in America provides jobs to Americans, cuts down on the energy wasted by overseas shipping, as well as ensuring that the processes used in manufacturing are carefully regulated in terms of their impact on the environment. Not many companies have the distinction of this honor.

Five Star Reviews

“At Spartan Solar, we are dedicated to installing the best possible solar hot water systems. We choose our equipment based on performance, robustness, and warrantee support. We pay great attention to detail and appreciate that our installations are only as strong as the weakest link. We also ensure that our client's homes are respected. We call before we show up and leave the site cleaner than we found it.

Our stock panel is manufactured by Sunearth in California. Sunearth is a worker owned co-operative that has been manufacturing solar hot water panels since 1978.”

- Spartan Solar

“SunEarth is one of the most experienced and established solar thermal manufacturers in the world. Since 1978 they have been producing solar hot water panels, mounting racks, solar tanks and everything needed for domestic hot water and commercial solar hot water installations. Their robust product line and manufacturing prowess gave them the lasting power they needed to make it through the late eighties and nineties when solar adoption rates were at their lowest.

Their extremely high quality and low failure rates give you the assurance that a SunEarth panel will last (and outlast) most other flat plate solar products, paying for themselves many times within their lifetime. With a manufacturing plant in Fontana (California), you are not only buying American by installing SunEarth panels, but also helping the local economy.”

- Ameco Solar

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