This past year has certainly been a wild ride, and we know it hasn’t been easy. It is clearer than ever that we are all interconnected and that we need each other to succeed. Together, we have navigated challenges that were previously unimaginable, and this is only possible because of our strong ownership culture. 

We know that our employee ownership makes us resilient in tough times. While many businesses are responding to the downturn with layoffs and furloughs, we continue to do everything we can to keep jobs, because that’s what’s best for our owners and our community. A new study conducted by Rutgers University and SSRS has shown that majority employee-owned companies with ESOPs are outperforming non-employee owned companies during the COVID-19 pandemic in the areas of job retention, pay, benefits, and workplace health and safety. The study also finds that ESOPs have been more proactive about ensuring the safety of employees during the pandemic and are generally more optimistic that they will return to business as normal at some point.

As employee-owners, we’re all in this together. The dedication and strength that we have shown over the past several months is what sets us apart, and we know this will help us navigate the months ahead. To 2021 and brighter tomorrow's!

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