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The Racking Edit: Rexrack vs. Landscape


The structural standard for residential and commerical flat plate collector installations faces off against the quick to install and easy to use racking system, that features the elegant SunEarth clip & groove design.

Which one is the right one for your next install?


RexRack is differentiated from traditional mounting systems by eliminating lateral runners on the roof surface. RexRack runners are fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum and are located directly under the solar collectors. By relocating the runners to the backside of the collectors, a reinforced lattice is created between the two strut runners and the collectors that are clamped to them. The array itself becomes a single unified rigid body, much like unibody construction in newer automobiles. When the array itself is rigid, the rear legs need only carry the vertical load of the array, eliminating the cross bracing required for lateral loads in conventional racking systems. RexRack is the clear racking choice in areas that are prone to high wind loads.


Constructed from corrosion resistant anodized 6063 structural aluminum and stainless steel fasteners; SunEarth Landscape Racks are engineered for challenging high wind and snow load conditions while the simplicity of design provides the best value solution for everyday new or retrofit construction projects. SunEarth’s Landscape Racks are available with three different leg lengths. For each leg length a range of tilt angles is achieved by changing the leg angle and bolt attachment hole on the supporting strut.


 Green focused, Typhoon-Resilient, Affordable Housing featuring the SunEarth Rexrack and Empire Paint Collectors.

Project Introduction
Project Name: Isla Villa
Location: Capitol Hill, Saipan
Installer: Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics
Distributor: Inter-Island Solar Supply
Completed: April 2019

Isa Villas is the first affordable housing project along Guguan and Anatahan Drive on Capitol Hill, Saipan. Constructed in two phases, the first phase involved the construction of two(2), three(3) story multi-family apartment buildings interconnected by a pedestrian bridge. The buildings have a total of twenty-seven (27) units. The units are designed to accommodate large families without burdening them with high utility costs. Which is where Pacific Solar & Photovoltaics oversaw the installation of a Solar Hot Water System manufactured by SunEarth. The solar array of 20 collectors provide preheated water to the unit’s year round. 


With the first phase of the project done, Pacific Rim will move on with Phase 2, which will be just a stone’s throw away, said company president Keith Stewart.

“Now, we’re moving forward with Phase 2. This is the start of what we plan to do to help the housing issues here in the CNMI. Phase 2 will have four buildings and we’re still finalizing the number of units. The property overall will have an approximate number of over 100 units.”

He said the first phase involved 27 units and that there has been tremendous interest for them.

He added that Isa Villa will not only help ease the CNMI’s housing shortage but also feature typhoon-resilient homes. “It’s not just getting a temporary relief in the housing need, but having quality housing where the applicants will feel safe, in case another strong typhoon comes.”

“We’ve built a property building with typhoon shutters. We’ve done everything in the project to make sure all are safe, even with flying debris. Typhoons will happen again but the product quality is sustainable and long-term,” Stewart added.

Project Summary:
Location: Capitol Hill, Saipan
Application: Multi-Family Commercial
Units: 27 Apartments
Solar Collectors: 20 SunEarth EC-40 Solar Thermal collectors
System Format: Solar pre-heated water for domestic use
System Racking: SunEarth Rexrack

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