1. Solar Creates Jobs

Just as investments in clean technology spur on the U.S. economy, so do its contributions to the American workforce. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) recently announced 2019 a record year for solar, accounting for 40% of all new electric generating capacity additions in the United States. Following this demand, solar jobs have increased rapidly, leading to nearly 250,000 jobs over the past decade as reported by The Solar Foundation in The National Solar Jobs Census 2019.

  1. Solar Energy Fights Climate Change

While the world experiences the current health crisis that is coronavirus, it has been fighting another global crisis for quite some time, climate change. Americans have a chance to revitalize the U.S. economy by investing in climate healthy initiatives including solar power. The burning of fossil fuels to power homes and businesses leads to about one-third of the nation’s carbon emissions. 

  1. Solar Power is Cost-Effective

Solar has become increasingly affordable throughout the years for both home and business owners looking to save with an alternative energy source. State rebates and the solar investment tax credit (ITC) give homeowners, and business/property owners multiple opportunities to save on solar. 

The solar industry actively searches for solutions to reconcile its current losses, and it will recover stronger than ever as its increasing value continues to be recognized across the globe. Solar brings with it plenty of benefits including job opportunities, the prevention of climate change and providing an affordable renewable energy source. 

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