Investing in Solar for your home is not only a smart, geen decision, it also qualifies you, the homeowner, to receive benefits from the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC is  a tax credit towards income taxes after their solar system is fully installed and operating. While 2019 was the last year to get the full 30% federal solar tax credit, a 26% tax credit still applies in 2020.


1. Receive ITC Solar Tax Credit

This year, qualified homeowners and business propery owners, who purchase solar can receive an ITC equal to 26% of the cost of eligible solar equipment until the December 31, 2020 cut off. However, this isn’t the last drop that will happen to the available tax credit. As part of the three-year phase-down adopted by Congress, the ITC percentage will decrease once more in 2021 to 22%. By the year 2022, the credit will completely zero out. Now is the tme to act to receive the 26% tax credit.


2. Save on Utility Bills

Did you know that 30% of the energy consumption in an average US household is for heating purposes? This includes both domestic water heating and other heating loads such as radiant heating. A properly sized solar thermal water heating system could cover up to 70% of that demand! 

3. Increase Home Value

Having solar on your home can help increase its value. A recent Zillow study found that homes with solar sell for an average of 4.1% more than homes without it. Working with a local real estate agent is the best way to determine the value of a home with solar power, but there are various other tools available, including solar calculators and guides.

SunEarth is passionate about making total recycling of green energy technology a reality. Which is why SunEarth Liquid Flat Plate Solar Collectors, have replacement capacity factored into their design. Comprised of metals and glass, our Liquid Flat Plate Collectors come equipped with the ability to have components separated and replaced or removed for easy recycling of the commodity metals within thus ensuring that all SunEarth Collectors offer the longest possible high performing life span. As a basis of design, we strive to make our world as green as can be.

A healthy economy requires constant production and consumption. But with a scarcity of natural resources, and with the desire to achieve a sustainable future, we must strive for a circular economy in which products that have reached the end of their life are no longer seen as waste, but as a valuable resource for future production.


4. The Most Comprehensive Warranty in the Industry

With SunEarth, homeowners, business owners, and the like, get the most comprehensive warranty in the solar hot water industry. 


5. Reduce Carbon Footprint

One of the greatest benefits of a solar system is the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The recent Australian Wildfires reinforced the need to address a growing climate crisis across the globe. SunEarth recognizes the need for sustainable practices beyond just their product line and is proud to lead the industry in environmental stewardship. Since our founding in 1978, a core precept of our mission has been to actively participate in the task of reducing America’s dangerous dependence on polluting fossil fuels.


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