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Have you thought about using Kits for your Solar installs? Have you wondered what Kits are available through SunEarth?

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The CopperHeart integral collector storage system, or ICS, combines thermal collection and storage in a single unit.  The CopperHeart is engineered to meet the international demand for a simple, durable and inexpensive domestic solar water heating system. 

The retrofit CopperHeart installation typically serves as a solar preheater to the existing electric or gas water heater. 

For new construction, the backup heater of choice is most often a compatible tankless gas water heater.  In non-freeze climates, the CopperHeart may be used as the primary water heater.   For durability, reliability, and simplicity of installation and operation the CopperHeart ICS has no peers.

If properly installed and maintained the CopperHeart ICS can safely be deployed in areas that experience occasional mild freeze conditions.  ICC-SRCC Rated Freeze Tolerance:  20° F for 18 hours.



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Solar Water Heating NEW UP TO $1,500 REBATE

For families of 3 or more, installing a solar water heater in your home is the best way to save money on your electric bill. With Hawaii Energy’s rebate combined with state and federal tax credits, you can save an incredible amount on the system purchase price in the first year. To get started, select one of our Participating Contractors and ask about Hawaii Energy’s rebate of:

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ACT FAST! *For islands of Hawaii, Lanai, Maui and Molokai, purchase of system must be between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020.

Solar Water Heater Tune Up NEW $200 REBATE

Already have solar water heating? Proper maintenance is key to getting the maximum life and benefit out of your solar water heating system. Hawaii Energy recommends maintenance tune-ups for solar water heating systems every 5 years. For a limited time, get an increased instant rebate of $200 when your tune up is completed by one of our participating contractors.

Hot Water, Cool Rates 

The Solar Water Heating Interest Loan Buy-Down Offer

Need help financing your solar water heating system? Hawaii Energy can help you through our solar interest buy-down offer called “Hot Water, Cool Rates.” You’ll work with a Participating Lender and pay minimal upfront costs as well as 0% or lower interest rates.

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SUNSET VALLEY Solar Water Heater Rebate Program

In an effort to reduce demands on conventional fossil fuel based energy sources the City of Sunset Valley is offering a solar water heater rebate to homeowners.

Sunset Valley’s solar water heater rebate program is offered at 30% the cost purchase and installation up to $2000.00.  Rebates will be issued after the system has been installed and inspected. 

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