Summer is the most popular time for evaluating getting set-up with a solar energy system. Typically, this coincides with the first large electrical bill in late May or early June. Afterwards homeowners look for ways to alleviate this pain, with the clear answer being to go solar.

You’ll Get It Done Quickly

Although many people have the attitude of “let’s just leave it until the summer and do it then,” but this can really come back to bite them. Solar panels often take time to install and set up, and if you want to go fully solar with solar pool heatingsolar electric and solar hot water you’ll need to be prepared to give it some time.

Not to mention that waiting until the summer is often more difficult because it’s peak season. The last thing you want is to be installing your solar panels in the middle of summer when it will take a lot longer due to increased demand.

You’ll Can Chill in the Summer After Installation

Aside from the financial savings, installing your solar before summer also means that you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the summer without worrying about home improvements.

Summer is often a very busy time of year, with the kids off school and gatherings when the weather is nice. To ensure that you get to relax and enjoy this time fully, setting up your solar panels pre-summer is recommended. And, not to mention, if you installed a solar pool heating system, you are now chilling at least a month longer.

You’ll Feel the Benefits Immediately 

Why wait until summer to reap all the rewards of having solar, when year-round is also a great time to have solar? 

Many people think that it’s heat that powers solar—so the hotter the day, the more heat that will be generated. However, that’s not strictly true. Solar panels love the light, so depending on your geographic location, there might be a better time of the year for sun exposure.


Regardless of the time of year, solar is the best way to address increasing energy costs while remaining environmentally conscious. Whether it’s the winter or the summer you should start the process of going solar immediately. There is no better time to start planning for the future than today.

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