“If there is magic on this planet,” wrote anthropologist and naturalist Loren Eiseley in 1957, “it is contained in water.”

If Eiseley were still alive, he would surely applaud the fact that more and more people in today’s society are waking up to the importance of conserving our water supplies. Yet he would doubtlessly point out that the magic of water includes even more than its life-giving properties.


Part of what makes water so essential to life is its ability to be a carrier for other things. Called the “universal solvent” in scientific circles, water can readily transport nutrients and wastes in, through and out of living systems. Yet one of the most important things water is capable of holding and carrying is not a substance at all. It is heat. Our vast oceans of water absorb and hold the sun’s energy, regulating temperatures and weather on our planet.

Were you aware that there is a way to benefit even more from that magical ability of water to retain heat? It’s true — and you can do it right in your home, by installing a solar water heater.

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