Benefits to YOU

As part owners of the company, all team members share in SunEarth’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By being personally invested in the company’s success, everyone at the company from the top down places the highest priority on responsiveness to customers, making sure that we are always available to answer any question and solve any problem.

Being an ESOP company also makes us sensitive to every challenge and problem that comes up for our customers. It makes us highly flexible and able to modify our workflow and process to ensure that the final product fits all the specifications of your project.

Our team is trained and developed to show nothing but the highest level of integrity and professionalism. You will always have someone to help answer all your questions whenever you get in touch with us.

We operate as if we were an extended member of your team, which means your success is our success. Our ESOP status ensures that every aspect of our product and workflow will be designed for the benefit of your bottom line.

We can tell you as much as we want about what an ESOP is or why we chose it, but the real power behind it lies in the perceptions of our employees. This decision has effected each of them individually. Today, we are going to share what they have to say about being a part of an ESOP. Their enthusiasm and sense of empowerment is a testament to this decision.

According to Adam Chrisman, SunEarth President, “This move to become an ESOP company has spurred an exciting time in SunEarth’s history. Our employees have found a new dedication to producing the best flat plate collectors in the industry and there is a lot of pride in what we provide our customers.”

“An ESOP to me is being part of something bigger than ourselves. An ESOP is a group of individuals who come together under a common cause to share in the results that THEY create. It is a mentality as well as a program with tangible rewards and duties.” - Jackie Ray, Office Manager

“ESOP to me means that we are all in this thing together, that we are here to help each other get better every day and in doing so, help our organization get better each day; ESOP means that we are all owners and all have a say in the direction that we choose to move forward in.” – Chris Chesnut, Inside Sales

“Being part of an ESOP is an exciting opportunity to take ownership over the future and the trajectory of the company. After working for companies as a faceless employee, it’s empowering knowing that my team’s hard work will pay out.” – Amirali Habibi, Business Development

“ESOP was one of the reason why I was excited to work for  SunEarth.  ESOP means it’s  bigger than just one person, position or title.  We all have a  vested interested with a common goal, and with that also comes great responsibility of being a company owner.   Every link is crucial and should never be taken lightly.  I’m feel truly grateful, excited and  humbled  for this experience. .” – Elisa Aldape, Customer Service

“Being part of an ESOP means to me that everybody has an equally valued opinion in the company. It ensures the president has trust and confidence in every single employee he brings on board.” – Bob Danielson, Technical Sales

“ESOP to me is a reward. It is given to an employee rather than purchased. It motivates rewards me for my commitment.” – Nicolas A. Rocca, Applications Engineer

We are excited about this important development in our business. ESOP companies have higher growth rates and better employee retention than other forms of ownership. Becoming an employee-owned company ensures that SunEarth will remain an independent, locally operated company. The values that have allowed us to prosper since 1978 will continue unchanged.

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