SunEarth is proud to be an ESOP company, giving you access and solutions to the highest quality products, made right here in America.

SunEarth Inc. was incorporated in the state of California in May 1978, and over the past decades has grown to become one of the most experienced solar thermal product manufacturers in the world. SunEarth’s strength lies in the engineering, manufacturing and distribution of world class solar water heating collectors, mounting hardware, ancillary components and integrated systems at competitive prices for each channel customer.

SunEarth became a 100% ESOP owned company back in 2014. Becoming an ESOP company ensures stability for our customers, employees, vendors, and our local community. The ESOP is part of a long-term business succession planning strategy.

Being an ESOP company also makes us sensitive to every challenge and problem that comes up for our customers. It makes us highly flexible and able to modify our workflow and process to ensure that the final product fits all the specifications of your project.

Our team is trained and developed to show nothing but the highest level of integrity and professionalism. You will always have someone to help answer all your questions whenever you get in touch with us.

We operate as if we were an extended member of your team, which means your success is our success. Our ESOP status ensures that every aspect of our product and workflow will be designed for the benefit of your bottom line.


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