The SOLAR APPLIANCE for the Fall Season

Steca PF refrigerators are some of the most efficient DC energy-saving refrigerators ever developed. Now filled with an even more climate-friendly refrigerant, they can be used as either a refrigerator or a freezer.

The Steca PF 166-H and Steca PF 240-H are fully programmable. The inside temperature and each of the other configuration values can be set by the user. They are therefore perfectly suited for all DC applications including even the refrigeration of medicines in hospitals. The optimal electronic control and speed regulation of the compressor guarantees extremely efficient use of energy. This leads to significant cost reductions.

This product stands out for its user-friendliness, thanks to a large digital display with setting options, the highest standards of quality and reliability, energy efficient interior LED lamp and a long service life. The refrigerator or freezer is easy to clean as it has a sealing plug on the bottom for draining water.

          SIMPLFYING SOLAR THERMAL           


K-FLEX USA®, has introduced the K-FLEX Titan™, the company’s newest pipe insulation solution for HVAC and refrigeration piping. Encased in a flexible, co-extruded jacketed composite material, the company claims its K-Flex Titan offers flexibility and weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

K-FLEX Titan performs on a broad range of metal pipes and tubing used on HVAC line sets and flex hoses while K-FLEX Titan HT is ideal for use on heat pumps and solar hot water heating where higher service temperatures are expected. Its proprietary copolymer blend jacket provides protection from weather and mechanical abuse as well as provides UV resistance, making the insulation well-suited for extreme temperature cycling up to 300°F. 

Additionally, K-Flex Titan is an extension of, and complement to, K-FLEX USA’s flexible, closed-cell foam elastomeric insulation products. Like all K-FLEX products, the expanded closed-cell structure and unique formulation inherently resists moisture vapor intrusion. Furthermore, company officials said the durable, fiber-free foam resists punctures and won’t crack or flake over time.

K-FLEX Titan is available in .5-in, .75-in, and 1-in wall thickness, 6-ft length tube form, and is made in K-FLEX USA’s ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in North Carolina.


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