SunEarth would define 2019 as the year we "Simplified Solar Thermal". Throughout the catalog you will notice several new product offerings that not only embrace our passion for clean solutions, but enhance our ability to serve the industrial, commercial, and residential solar energy markets.

The exceptional and consistent quality of SunEarth products are known and trusted around the world – a reputation we are proud of. By utilizing our vast experience and manufacturing capabilities, SunEarth is able to keep our promise of delivering high-quality products.

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Since 1978, SunEarth has been an American production powerhouse. Our factory and warehouse, located in Fontana, California, employ hard working Americans, proud to come to work each day for a recognized solar equipment manufacturer.Happy Independence Day from MTI, home of the AutoFry and MultiChef, both made in america.

SunEarth makes a conscious decision when sourcing suppliers to have them as local as possible. For this reason, many of our suppliers are within 100 miles of SunEarth's Fontana facility,  and many more within the state or country. It is a matter of great importance to our company historically to source materials a local as possible to decrease the associated pollution that comes with moving materials great distances. This outlook goes to the core of why SunEarth exists. .

We hope that on this Independence Day you have time to enjoy your family, prosperity, and successes. We hope that you can take a moment to truly appreciate everything that America is and how far we’ve come from the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. As a country we have faults and failures but as a nation we are able to unite and make positive waves of change in so many different ways.

Happy Independence Day!







The extraordinary SunBurst all copper absorber plate is the heart of each SunEarth liquid flat plate collector. Each SunBurst absorber is constructed of a thick .008” roll- formed copper sheet that is continuously soldered to a Type-M copper header and riser piping assembly utilizing a non-corrosive solder paste. The riser piping is a minimum 1/2" O.D. Type-M copper tubing.

The header piping is a minimum 7/8" O.D., 1 1/8" O.D. or 1 5/8" O.D. Type-M copper tubing depending upon the absorber model chosen. The riser to header bond is made with a phosphorous brazing alloy with no less than 5% silver content and conforms to the American Welding Society’s BCuP-3 classification. The SunBurst absorber plate is designed for operating pressures up to 160 psig.

The SunBurst absorber has been independently tested by U.L Laboratories to UL Standard 1279, Section 30.2 for liquid containment. The absorber was submitted to an internal hydrostatic pressure of 2.5 times the rated positive pressure of 160 psig, or 400 psig, for one hour without evidence of leakage or rupture.

Available with Semi-Selectcitve Paint and available in sizes up to 14 feet long SunEarth can manufacture a replacement absorber to fit almost any enclosure giving new life to a collector and extending the value created by a solar heating system.


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