SunEarth has been hard at work on a new website for our PV Water Heating System - SunWater. This website provides a clear message about SunWater and what we as part of the Solaray Corporation stand for. 

This website, www.sunwatersolar.com, boasts a clean design and intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation. It is fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.

Additionally, you will find extra documentation on the SunWater Solar site that pertains to the unit itself, like the fact that it ha received a Solar Fraction HIGHER than 90%!

With many different innovatively designed products, SunEarth not only aimed to cover the majority of STWH applications, it also has continuously strived to make the technology simpler and more readily available to the public. With an infamous longevity backed by over 40 years of experience there is no wonder why so many solar contractors prefer SunEarth’s products. 

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