Solar heating systems create a tremendous amount of energy and are an investment in future energy allowing owners to save a significant portion of their heating costs over long periods of time. Monitoring and recording of the systems parameters and operation is critical and themost cost-effective way to ensure maximum performance over the life of the system


The DeltaSol BX is equipped with 26 pre-programmed basic systems. Pre-defined functions facilitate system parameterization. The integrated SD card slot enables an easy datalogging to an SD card as well as a quick and effortless transfer of logged system data to a PC. 

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RESOL Datalogger DL2

The DL2 Datalogger is appropriate for all controllers with RESOL VBus®. The datalogger can be connected directly to a PC or router for remote enquiry and thus enables comfortable system monitoring for yield monitoring or for diagnostics of faults.

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RESOL Datalogger DL3

The DL3 Datalogger is used for logging data of up to 6 RESOL controllers. The integrated sensor and impulse inputs can measure and log temperatures – even without a controller. The DL3 is furthermore equipped with a BACnet functionality for  BACnet conform transmission of data and can thus be used in a building management system.

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The SunEarth SolaRay-E is ready to install, pre-engineered hot water station (HWS) designed with seamless installation in mind. 

Factory assembled using top tier components and tested for hydraulic integrity. The SolaRay-E HWS contains all the components and safety devices necessary for SunEarth’s high performing SolaRay AC indirect glycol system.


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