Go with the first choice for solar professionals, engineers and specifiers - The SunEarth Oasis Series of Pool Collectors


The Oasis all-copper pool and spa collector provides professional distributors and contractors with an alternative to conventional propylene plastic pool collectors. Unlike plastic pool collectors, the Oasis is unaffected over time by ultraviolet radiation.  For best results, SunEarth recommends that the Oasis collector is used in conjunction with a stainless steel or titanium heat exchanger.


The Oasis PP is SunEarth’s market-leading pool and spa heating collector. The Oasis PP is manufactured from a high-temperature polypropylene copolymer plastic material with decades of field-tested reliability. This rugged and affordable collector has been specifically engineered by SunEarth for commercial swimming pool applications, but is equally at home in any residential application. The Oasis PP is the state-of-the-art polymer choice for America’s solar pool heating professional contractors.

Want to see more? Check out this install of 203 SunEarth Oasis PP Collectors on the SunEarth YouTube Channel!




E.SWIM is the new electronic swimming pool pump with high energy efficiency made by DAB and now being offered by SunEarth.

E.SWIM is the most SILENT and ENERGY-EFFICIENT electronic swimming pool pump with built-in high capacity strainer basket. E.SWIM combines advanced engineered hydraulic parts, frequency converter technology with a high efficiency permanent magnet motor. 

Designed for water circulation and filtration in residential and civil swimming pools, but also suitable for specific applications requiring the handling of aggressive liquids like fish farming, agriculture and industry.


The new e.swim is the best solution to dramatically reduce energy consumption. A traditional pool pump indeed, consumes more current than all other utilities together. E.SWIM should be on top of your list to really make your system more efficient and optimize costs electricity.


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