GreenBuilder’s annual selection of the most innovative, creative and all-around sustainable products available to the building market for 2018 has been released. This year’s list of sustainable and useful products merges good building science and smart technology, and we are proud to announce that our own PV Water Heating Solution has been named in the top 50!


SunEarth’s SunWater PV water heater offers a simple solution for homes with low and moderate occupancy.

The unit utilizes thermal battery technology with no photovoltaic (PV) interconnection restrictions. A 50-gallon unit with a dedicated PV system of about 1,000 watts feeds two PV-driven elements that are completely separate from the grid. SunWater by SunEarth also features a 4.5-kw backup.

Check out the full list Eco-Friendly Products Selected by Green Builder's Editors here: https://www.greenbuildermedia.com/hot50-2018

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