Wheaton College’s athletic pool is 81° with SunEarth Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Incentives for Multi-Family and Commercial are available with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

The Wheaton College solar hot water system features 1,248 square feet of SunEarth flat plate collectors on the roof of the Haas Athletic Building. The collectors deliver heat for the swimming pool and the hot water needs throughout the building, including the locker rooms. With a $87,410 rebate from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Wheaton College hired Renewable Energy Systems, LLC of Cohasset, MA to design and install the system, which was completed in August 2017. The system is projected to save over 3,900 therms per year, or approximately 40% of the facility's demand for water-heating, while keeping swimmers comfortable and student-athletes freshly showered for their next class.

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